Q: What is a Bail Bondsman?

A:  A Bail Bondsman is an agent licensed by the state and appointed by an Insurance company to post bonds to the courts.

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Here are the top twenty questions asked concerning bail bonds. We kept the answers  brief. Contact one of our bail agents for a detailed explanation. Our agents will answer all questions in full detail and it is FREE. We want you to understand fully, all the responsibilities you are assuming when signing for a bail bond.

Q: Does the Bail Bondsman work for the courts?

A: No. They work through an insuarance company that is licensed to conduct bail in the state or use property posted to courts.

Q: Do all Bail Bond companies charge the same amount?

A: Yes. Each state regulates how much a bonding company can charge. In Virginia, no bail bond company can charge more or less than 10%. Financing is available, ask your agent for details.

Q: Do I get the money I paid back when court is over?

A:  No. Not if you only paid the 10%. That is the fee for posting the bond. Yes, if you deposited collateral with the company along with the fee.

Q: Does the Magistrate have to set a Bond?

A:  No. Depending on the crime, a Magistrate can hold the individual over to see a judge the next business day.

Q: What if I no longer want to be responsible for the Bond?

A:  You have the right to have the bond revoked at anytime, for any reason. There may be  fees for this service.

Q: What if the defendant does not appear in court?

A:  If the defendant fails to appear (FTA) in court and cannot be located within 150 days, you will be responsible to pay the full amount of the bond.

Q: Am I responsible for only the first court date?

A:  No. You are responsible for ALL court dates pertaining to the charges. The bond will also remain in effect for all court dates.

Q: What if the defendant gets arrested again?

A: If the defendant is arrested on any other charges while on bond, contact your bail bondsman and they will let you know your options.

Q: What is an arriaignment?

A: It is a hearing where the judge will make sure the defendant understands what crime they are charged with, appoint an attorney if qualified and review the bond status.

Q: What is a Bail Bond?

A: A bail bond is a monetary value that is set by a Judge or Magistrate to guarantee the appearance of the defendant in court.

Q: Do I need to use a Bail Bondsman to post a bond?

A: No. You can post the full amount of the bond directly with the Magistrate in cash, but there are more options when using a bail bondsman.

Q: What requirements do I need to use a Bail Bondsman?

A:  The requirements are different with each bonding company. We require a stable job, stable residence and US citizenship.

Q: What happens after someone is arrested?

A:  When a person is arrested, the police will take them before a Magistrate. The Magistrate will determine if a bond is set or not.

Q: Why didn't the Magistrate set a Bond?

A:  In some cases, where there is a presumption against bond, the Magistarate may choose to have the individual appear before a judge.

Q: What happens if I revoke the Bond?

A:  The defendant will be taken into custody by our recovery team and returned to the custody of the jail they were bonded from.

Q: What reasons will the courts allow for a defendant's FTA?

A: There are two. If the defendant is incarcerated in another jail or the defendant is dead. For any other reasons, check with your attorney.

Q: When am I no longer responsible for the bond?

A:  Once there is a final disposition in the case, the bond becomes voided. If you are not sure, contact your bail bondsman.

Q: What is a Detainer?

A: A detainer is placed on a defendant when another jurisdiction is accusing them of a crime or they are wanted for other reasons by a federal agency.

Q: What is a Bond motion?

A: When a defendant is held without bond by both the Maigistrate and Judge, an attorney can put a motion into the courts to argue for a bail bond.

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